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Bus access and parking

Buses Near Bark Hut Reserve

The issue of large tourist buses entering and parking in Inlet Crescent remains a daily issue.  Buses are not permitted to access the area during school holidays according to the current parking and access plan.  AIDA has written to the Surf Coast Shire requesting that large buses be prohibited from entering the precinct altogether.

For about an hour from 10.30 to 11.30 am every day, Inlet Crescent becomes crowded with tourist buses dropping visitors at the base of Reserve Road. In June, buses also started accessing the inlet in the afternoon around 4.30pm. The buses frequently stay parked in the area (often with engines running) creating a congested and dangerous situation for other visitors and residents.

Buses in Inlet Crescent
Buses in Inlet Crescent

We have also had reports of buses parallel parked in the angle parking areas in Inlet Crescent by the Skate Park and at Allen Noble Sanctuary occupying all the parking spots.

This situation is clearly unsustainable, and the problem appears to be increasing despite the efforts of council’s rangers. The problem of tourist buses entering and driving through residential areas of Aireys Inlet is not limited to Inlet Crescent, as multiple buses have recently been observed parking along Eagle Rock Parade.

AIDA understands that the Surf Coast Shire is aware of the situation and trusts that the shire will soon prohibit large tourist buses from entering the area to ensure the safety and amenity of all visitors and residents.

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